Trash of the Counts Family: All Chapter 2022 UPDATED

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Author(s) Byeol Narae
Release 2020
Type Manhwa


Genre Fantasy, Romance
Status  On-going
Chapters 92

Trash of the Counts Family All Chapter 2022

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Trash of the Counts Family Summary 

The next thing I knew, I was deep within the pages of a book.

This is the story of [a Hero’s Origin].

Choi Han, a high school student from Earth, was the protagonist of [The Birth of a Hero], a novel that chronicled his exploits in a parallel world and the origin stories of several heroes from that world’s continent.

As the refuse of the Count’s family, who ruled over the region that included the first town Choi Han visited, I found myself a part of that tale.

The problem is that once the assassins burn the town and kill everyone in it, Choi Han goes berserk.

The greater issue is that this piece of trash that I’ve become is unaware of what transpired in the village and, as a result, continually gets himself into trouble by messing with Choi Han, only to be soundly defeated.